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The Vampire Diaries Spoilers For 4.09 “O Come All Ye Faithful”

There’s something magical about the holidays. Whos come together to sing “Welcome Christmas” with Grinches, Rudolph gets the first spot pulling Santa’s sled, and the Macababies’ oil lasts for eight days instead of one. According to December TV specials, everything is supposed to work out, so will the same be true of The Vampire Diaries’ holiday special?

“It’s really, really beautiful,” Candice Accola  tells Zap2It of Season 4, Episode 9, “O Come All ye Faithful,” adding, “The set was absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a crazy, crazy episode. It’s huge and there are tons of things going on. And everything goes right, and perfect, and wonderful, and there are no problems, and everyone just happily drinks cocoa at the end of the episode.”

Ah. We’ll let you bask in that beautiful fantasy for a sec. OK, time’s up. In reality, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are on a mission to deal with new hunter Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), and it sounds like his tattoo has some scary consequences.

Sigh. Well, as long as there’s cocoa.

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