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The Originals: Here’s More Evidence That Klaroline Is Endgame

The Originals officially wrapped production on its series finale in Atlanta earlier this week, but a few key scenes still needed to be shot in the show’s homeland of New Orleans.

Thanks to some super stealthy fans and the powers of Instagram, we know that some major characters are finishing out the final episode on the streets of New Orleans amidst a pretty awesome Mardis Gras celebration. So far, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice King) have been caught on camera, but TV Guide has learned t

hat Daniel Gillies’ Elijah and Claire Holt’s Rebekah have also made the trip and will be filming some final scenes together for the series.

It’s a nice little treat for fans of the original “Always and Forever” siblings (as well as Klaroline fans) that the series will wrap with four characters we’ve known and loved since the early days of The Vampire Diaries, when they were first introduced.

Those four characters taking the trip to the Big Easy in The Originals

series finale is exciting for a few reasons. First and foremost, the fact that the three Original siblings can be in the same spot together means there’s a decent shot that they will, in fact, be solving the problem of the Hollow — an evil force inhabiting each of their bodies, causing their permanent separation so as to keep it at bay. The Mikaelson family might be able to heal itself before the end after all!

The second exciting part of this news is obviously that Caroline is there, which probably means good things for Klaroline fans hoping for a happy ending for that fan favorite ship. There’s no guarantee these are the last scenes of the series — they’re just the final scenes to be filmed — but seeing Klaus and Carline together in New Orleans has been the dream of shippers everywhere since the spinoff was announced.

Keep your fingers crossed, Klaroline fans. There’s a chance for your endgame after all.

The Originals is scheduled to premiere in Spring 2018.


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