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November 7th, 2015  No Comments Gallery, Joe King, photoshoot

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Candice Accola just announced that she is pregnant with her first child!

Candice revealed the news by posting a photo of her baby bump on Instagram. The picture also features her husband Joe King and she’s wearing a homemade t-shirt that says “Baby” surrounded by a heart right over her bump.

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As some people may know our host FSO is closing o we have had to transfer our site to a new host (Flaunt) and with this we have had to get a new domain name which is now C-accola.Org. Please change your bookmarks to our new domain and if your affiliated with us please also change your links. Thank you and i hope you continue to visit candy cola.
– Summer

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First off i am extremely  sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of months, i have been swamped with my family life had no time to to update the site, i will be slowly updating over the next couple of weeks, and then hopefully i can get back to normal updates as the come in.

Thank you for your patients Sincerely – Summer

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