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I have moved the photos from events attended in 2006 to the new gallery. Enjoy!

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Jan 13: Glamour Magazine Golden Globes Style Suite – Day 1 x5

Oct 26: MYCuvSOL Album Release Party and Fashion Show x4

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I have moved the photos from events attended in 2005 to the new gallery. Enjoy!

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Apr 21: Reebok welcomes the VAULT at Sportie LA x3

Jun 25: The Los Angeles Film Festival’s First Annual ‘Spirit of Independence’ Award x1

Jun 30: Rokbar Hollywood Grand Opening Party x6

Jul 22: 2005 WB Network’s All Star Celebration x2

Sep 15: Silver Spoon Pre-Emmy Hollywood Buffet – Day 1 x4

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I have moved the photos from events attended in 2004 to the new gallery. Enjoy!

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Apr 01: Jennie Garth and Amanda Bynes Birthday Celebration x1

May 05: The 30th Annual Saturn Awards x2

May 08: ‘Shrek 2’ – Los Angeles Premiere x31

Jun 09: ‘The Terminal’ – World Premiere x11

Jul 14: The WB Network’s 2004 All Star Summer Party x4

Jul 17: Hollywood Knights Basketball Team Wrap Party x6

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Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes-Salvatore may be crossing paths sooner than either of them expected.

Candice King will reprise her Vampire Diaries role on The Originals‘ fifth season premiere, TVLine has learned exclusively. Unfortunately, no further details about King’s appearance, slated to air sometime in 2018, are available.

While it’s possible that Caroline will make the trek from Mystic Falls to New Orleans, it’s also entirely likely that her scenes will take place at the Salvatore Boarding House, where Klaus’ daughter Hope is enrolled. (In other news, Season 5 will begin with a major time jump, complete with a new actress playing teenage Hope.)

To say that Caroline has a complicated history with the Mikaelsons would be an understatement. Following a tumultuous romance in Seasons 3 and 4 of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Klaus eventually reunited (albeit over the phone) in Season 7. A key moment in the show’s series finale involved Klaus gifting his old flame with a hefty donation for her and Alaric’s supernatural school.

At the time of the TVD finale, executive producer Julie Plec told TVLine that Klaus’ donation was a “wish, not a promise. … I think The Originals has the opportunity to visit with some of these characters, and I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories.” (Wish granted!)


The CW released a deleted Steroline scene from the series finale. Enjoy!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish Candice a very happy 30th birthday. Judging by her Instagram posts, she spent the day celebrating with Joe and the rest of her family which is wonderful. Here’s to many more years! I’m excited to see what Candice has in store now that Vampire Diaries is officially over.

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Public Appearances > 2017 > May 02: Planned Parenthood 100th Anniversary Gala x12

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The Vampire Diaries > Season 8 > Episode Stills > 8.16 I Was Feeling Epic +7

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from The Vampire Diaries series finale.]

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After eight seasons of love triangles, brother bonding, decade dances, and immortal foes, The Vampire Diaries ended with Stefan Salvatore saving the day. But this time, saving the day cost him his life.

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