Year Movie Title Character
2011 The truth about Angels Caitlin Stone
2010 Kingshighway Sophia
2009 Love Hurts Sharon
2008 Deadgirl JoAnn
2007 X’s & O’s Candice
2007 On the Doll Melody
2007 Juno Girl Lab Partner
2007 Pirate Camp Annalisa/Tom


TV Guest Starring Roles

Year Series Title Character Episode Title
2010 Drop Dead Diva Jessica Orlando 2.6 Begin Again
2009 Greek Alice 2.20 Isn’t it Bro-Mantic?
2009 Supernatural Amanda Heckerling 4.13 After school special
2007 How I met your mother Amanda 2.21 Something Borrowed

TV Starring Roles

Year Series Title Character
2009-Present The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes

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