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Candice to appear on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Here’s what Colin told Alloy Entertainment: “We’ve had a couple of guests from The CW. In fact, Candice Accola did an episode with us and of course we had to perform some vampire scenes there. She was very pleasant and easy to work with.” So what advice did Colin provide TVD’s kickass blonde with to help ease her improv nerves? “Just don’t have anything planned and be ready to react to anything that happens. And that’s basically it,” he offered.

Eager to find out what sorts of sketches Candice had to do, we asked Colin which of the show’s hilarious traditional games would be returning. He revealed, “All of them even Hoedown.” (Naturally, we expressed our utmost joy and he teased, “Don’t say ‘oh’ like you’re excited. It’s the most horrible game!”) He elaborated, “We’ve done a couple of Hoedowns. We’ve done Props, Sound Effects, and Greatest Hits.

And that’s not all! A new game has been introduced that’s bound to quickly become a fan favorite. “The camera is on the ceiling,” Colin explained with a chuckle. “Meanwhile, the actors are on the floor on their sides and moving around like it’s normal.” When we pointed out that it all sounds like the sort of activity that requires Olympic style training, Colin responded, “You know what? It was all very grueling. I bled through it! But that’s alright — it still got laughs.”

“We can’t wait to see Candice Accola show off her comedic chops on Whose Line Is It! So, fang fans, which other Vampire Diaries star would you love to see appear alongside Aisha Tyler, Wayne Brady,  Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie? Cast your vote in the comments!”


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