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Candice Accola Previews Klaus & Caroline’s Goodbye

Candice Accola tells that Klaus & Caroline’s temporary reunion will teach her a ‘valuable’ lesson.

Pictures can be deceiving — especially when they’re snapped in Mystic Falls — so when I chatted with Candice Accola on May 2 at the annual Tick-Born Disease Alliance benefit in NYC, I brought along the above photo for her to explain what the heck is going on between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline on The Vampire Diaries season finale. As it turned out, she’d never seen it before! “Why do they always take pictures when he’s abnormally close to my face?” she asked. “I do not look happy right there.”

Once Candice’s initial shock wore off, the secrets began to spill out…

Candice Previews Klaus’ Dramatic Return

“We will see Klaus return to Mystic Falls before the end of the season, and Caroline will find out that he’s moved to New Orleans,” she revealed. “But she won’t understand the reason why.”

So I guess it’s safe to assume Caroline won’t find out about Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Klaus’ bun in the oven. Candice wasn’t in the mood for baby talk, nor could she tell me whether or not Caroline will reunite with Tyler (Michael Trevino) once Klaus leaves town for good. But she did say this:

“As far as the end of season four, Caroline is going to learn this valuable lesson: Sometimes when you get what you want, it’s not actually what you want.”

Ooh, cryptic! Is it possible that Caroline may think she wants Klaus to leave her for good, but once he does, she starts to regret it?

Candice Talks Extreme ‘Klaroline’ Fans

Regardless of what happens between Klaus and Caroline on the finale, though, Candice didn’t offer up too much hope for ‘Klaroline’ fans.

“I don’t think they’ll ever be satisfied,” she admitted.

That said, she’s well aware of the shippers’ passion for the forbidden couple. A little too aware, actually.

“I get the naughtiest formulated pictures sent to my Twitter,” she told me. “Or sometimes, I’ll just be curious, so I’ll look online to see what fans are thinking about. It gets weird. It gets really, really weird. … My poor boyfriend is like, ‘Wow, they get really aggressive. Those are some inappropriate pictures.’”


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