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Candice Accola and Joe King at Pet-a-Palooza

Celebrity couples often get the spotlight and attract paparazzis. During the recent Pet-a-Palooza hosted by Mix 94.1, the eyes were on Candice Accola who was seen supporting Joe King of The Fray. He was there to perform and promote his first solo album “Need a Woman by Friday”. By the title of his album, Joe King was lucky to snonag Caroline Forbes of the Vampire Diaries before Friday. He might have felt like he just won the jackpot in foxybingo, because Candice Accola is no ordinary girl. She is considered as one of the leading television divas today having appeared on several shows including “How I Met Your Mother”, “Supernatural”, and “Geek”.

Many fans of the Vampire Diaries were brokenhearted when they found out that co-stars Candice Accola and Zach Roerig have called it quits after keeping an off-screen relationship for almost a year. Although the two never admitted their real relationship status, the exchanges of sweet messages on Twitter goes to show that they are more than just friends. But past is past, and now Candice is happy with her new found love.

Candice revealed in an interview with Chicago Tribune, “My boyfriend and I made a last-minute decision to go to the Osa Peninsula. It was one of those trips where you take a plane into the rainforest, and then you hike through this jungle. It was incredible.” Although she did not give out any name, it was pretty clear that it was Joe King whom she was referring to as she was spotted watching the concert of The Fray and Kelly Clarkson last year in Georgia; and again in another concert of The Fray held in Tennessee. The two lovely couple was also seen watching the Super Bowl and attending the post-game party hosted by DirecTV last February.

Check out for some of the photos of Candice Accola and Joe King at the Pet-a-Palooza held in Sunset Park.

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